Woman suffers epic hair dye fail as she ends up looking like ‘smurfette’

When it comes to at-home hairdressing, we’ve all experienced a blunder or two involving hair dye – perhaps the colour didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped or you didn’t leave it on long enough for it to take.

One woman had the opposite problem, where she definitely applied enough colour, but it ended up going everywhere and not just on her hair.

The woman, named Kinsey, has gone viral on TikTok after documenting her disastrous attempt to dye her hair blue.

Kinsey, who posts on @kinsey_dixon, ended up turning herself bright blue and also covering the shower and bathroom in the bold colour.

In a clip on the social media platform, she pans from her blue feet, up to her arms, neck and face which are also blue.

She then shows that the white shower tiles are also stained with the hair dye.

Jokingly she can be heard asking: “Do you think my gran will notice that I dyed my hair?”

More than 18 million people have since watched the video, with many taking to the comments to brand Kinsey a “smurf” or “smurfette”.

She later posted an update on her situation, saying: “Yes it did hold, yes I’m still blue.

“My grandma still does not know about any of this.”

Kinsey went on to explain where she went so wrong when dying her hair, showing how she washed all the colour down her back, before flipping her hair around over her chest to continue rinsing out the dye.

As she rinsed she used her fingers to brush through the hair, not realising she was spraying the colour everywhere.

Kinsey claimed she used a blue Pravana hair dye which she purchased off of Amazon.

“My friend also used this and the same thing happened to them,” she said.

“So if you’re using this by yourself, don’t do it unless you want to turn really blue.”

She added that she’s been using make-up wipes to try and get the colour off of her skin and she used bleach to remove some of the stains from the shower – but she’s still got a long way to go until it’s all back to normal.