Woman gets ‘dream’ tattoo then year later realises where inspiration came from

When it comes to tattoos it can take people a long time to settle on the right design, other people may have always known exactly what they wanted to get inked.

The latter was the case for a TikTok user named Phoebe, who had wanted to get a wave tattooed on herself for years.

She got the tattoo on her arm one year ago but has only just realised exactly where she got the inspiration for that specific design from.

In a video, Phoebe, who posts under the name @phoebzie, explained the awkward moment when she finally figured it out.

She said: “A year ago today I got this tattoo. I love it so much.

“I wanted to get it for literally years and I’d draw it on my wrist and dream of the day I had it.

“I realise now where I got the idea from.

“It is the design from the inside of the fridge we’ve had for basically my whole life.”

Her clip went viral, being watched more than one million times and garnering over 284,000 likes.

“Really shows how easily we’re influenced by things we don’t even notice,” commented one person.

“No this honestly makes it a million times better,” proclaimed a second.

Another replied: “That’s actually cute, you’ve got ur childhood house with you forever now.”

Someone else shared a similar experience, saying: “Omg I did the same after I got my floral anklet I realised the plants I requested are the exact ones on all of our plates I’ve had my whole life.”

In a second video, Phoebe further explained the meaning behind her tattoo, revealing how she loves the sea and that the number of waves were intended to represent her and her two brothers.

She added that the tattoo also has a link to the singer MIKA, who she is a big fan of.

The wave design is meant to be a subtle link to his song Underwarter.