Poly’s new monitor has a built-in mic, camera, and even lighting for video calls

Poly, the brand launched after headset-manufacturer Plantronics bought video conferencing company Polycom back in 2018, is announcing a new lineup of office gear for the work-from-home era. There’s the $129 Poly Studio P5 webcam, the $599 Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar, and the $815 Poly Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display.

The P21 display is particularly interesting. Although it’s fundamentally a 21-inch monitor, it’s designed to make the most of video calls. It’s got a built in webcam with a physical privacy shutter, microphone, and integrated stereo speakers. There’s even a pair of ambient lights on its left and right sides to keep your face well-illuminated on video calls. Its stand doubles as a wireless charger, and there are video call shortcut buttons along the bottom of the screen, including one to quickly mute your microphone.

There’s no mention of the monitor’s resolution or panel type on its product page, and Poly is specifically pitching it as a “second or backup display” despite advertising it as “pro-grade.” So suffice it to say, this probably isn’t going to replace your main monitor anytime soon.

The P15 Personal Video Bar is a 4K webcam (capable of automatically keeping you in frame) with a built-in speaker and microphone. Then there’s the Poly Studio P5, a 1080p webcam with up to 4x digital zoom, and a built in USB Type-A connector that lets you plug a headsets’ wireless receiver directly into the back of the camera. Both cameras have built-in privacy shutters. It’s also selling bundles of its Studio P5 webcam with an included headset or speakerphone, starting at $149.95.

Poly has been in the video conferencing business for a while, first as Polycom, and as Poly since its 2019 rebrand. Its latest product launch follows a huge increase in the amount of people working from home which is expected to continue long after the immediate health dangers of the pandemic pass. The last year has seen webcam shortages as people upgraded their home video calling setups.

All three new products will be available beginning in April, Poly says.